Need Help?


No. Due to our limited schedule with providing one-on-one care to our patients, we are unable to accept walk-in patients. 

Cash, credit card, debit card, check, HSA/FSA. We do not accept insurance. 

If you need to cancel or reschedule your treatment, please contact us during business hours at least 24 hours prior to our appointment to avoid a $100 cancellation/rescheduling fee. If you have a Monday appointment, please cancel or reschedule by 12:00pm the Friday prior to avoid cancellation/rescheduling fees.

After your evaluation, your physical therapist will provide a recommendation based on your needs and goals. 

Our therapist are licensed Physical Therapist and have extensive manual therapy training. We pride ourselves in achieving some of the most prestige level of training there is in the physical therapy field. In addition, all physical therapists are certified in dry needling. 

Move It B Physical Therapy believes everything is connected. We treat the body as a whole. We do not rely heavily on modalities such as heat, ultrasound, ice, etc. You will spend your entire session one-on-one with your therapist without allowing insurance to dictate the outcome of your health. 

Insurances copay and deductible has skyrocketed in recent years. Being a cash based business allows our therapists to give you one-on-one session without insurance dictating what we can or cannot do. Due to progressively worsening reimbursement rates, therapists in most in-network clinic have to see at least 2 patients at the same time. Often times, modalities such as electrical stimulation, traction, heat packs, ultrasound are utilized for time management (not because the patient needs it). Move It B Physical Therapy does not believe modalities are nearly as effective as our hands-on treatment in addition to specific corrective exercises.